• Save up to 50% on a new 3-year subscription to any eligible Autodesk software when you submit a serial number for your qualifying perpetual licence.
  • Eligble products include AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and our new industry collections.
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  • How do I get this offer?

    To participate, simply submit your old, qualifying license and purchase a new, 3-year subscription to any eligible product of your choice through the Autodesk Store (for Singapore ONLY) or other participating resellers.

  • Which products qualify for the offer?

    When you submit your qualifying perpetual license, you can get the offer discount on most Autodesk product subscriptions, including industry collections

    You do not need to purchase the same product as the perpetual license. For example, you can submit an old, eligible perpetual license of Autodesk AutoCAD and subscribe to an Autodesk AEC Industry Collection at the promotional price.

  • Can I still use my perpetual licence?

    Yes, you can continue to use it in accordance with your license agreement. For more details, please reference Perpetual License Changes.

  • Do I have to be connected to the internet to use my new subscription?

    An internet connection is needed to access products, cloud services, and administrative tools in Autodesk Account. For subscriptions with single-user access using desktop software, customers need to be connected to the internet the first time they access their software, and at least once every 30 days to continue access.

  • What do i get with subscription that I don't have with my old software?

    In addition to acces to the latest versions, you also get:

    • Technical Support
    • Previous version rights
    • Home Use Rights
    • Global Travel Rights
  • Will all of my files and projects automatically go the "the cloud"?

    You can save all files and projects created with your Autodesk subscription software locally, on your hard drive (or wherever you choose to store them). You retain all of your local data even if you decide to end your subscription.

  • Will I be forced to update my software all the time?

    You can access the latest version of your software and all the latest updates, but you decide if and when you update. As a subscriber, you can even access certain previous versions of your software. For details, refer to Autodesk Subscription Previous Version Rights Eligibility.

  • Can I use my software at home or on the road?

    Yes, you can access your software on your home computer and when traveling outside of your home country. There is no form to fill out or process required to enable this benefit.

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